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 Basic Rules (Site conduct, Chatbox, Pokemon limitations, Posting, Account Issues)

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Basic Rules (Site conduct, Chatbox, Pokemon limitations, Posting, Account Issues) Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules (Site conduct, Chatbox, Pokemon limitations, Posting, Account Issues)   Basic Rules (Site conduct, Chatbox, Pokemon limitations, Posting, Account Issues) EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 12:17 am

Conduct Rules

-Don't be rude, everyone has their opinions.

-Don't use excessive cursing. Some is allowed but if it's not necessary or used in a derogatory way that's not okay.

-Don't post sexual content (will be banned and removed). Only innuendos please. It's classier and if we have younger members, safe for them too.

-Also, please respect the Elite Four Members, and especially the Champions and Master Trainers. If they criticize you, just know they are trying to help you. Report them if they are not however, and a champion will take care of it.

In the Chatbox
-the above applies, but also...

-If you wanna post a picture, please use spoilers.

-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no fighting in the chatbox. Thats what pms are for and you will be removed immediately from the cbox if fighting or drama occurs.


-Also, please remember this when making an app without any special permission...

When making your pokemon party's app, please remember:

-The first being, For every fully evolved pokemon two slots are taken up by it.

-Please adhere to the limitations rules in the Limited pokemon thread in the Rules Section. NO LEGENDARY POKEMON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. DO NOT ASK.

-And your starter pokemon can be fully evolved and count as only one slot.

While Roleplaying

-When posting, the most important rule is that ABSOLUTELY NO GODMODING WHATSOEVER. I understand it is difficult, especially in a sandbox and especially in a pokemon rpg, but at the same time, it's easy to just go into the cbox or pm to discuss who will win a battle or even just concede during a match. If a battle cannot be solved it will be voted on based on the pokemon, or flat out deleted.

-Please don't be rude when things don't go your way. Talking calmly is sufficient and if a complaint is made, it WILL be dealt with how I see fit.

-When posting, Please post at least 5-6 lines MINIMUM. It's aggravating posting with someone who won't post enough. Although if it's a conversation it can be acceptable to a point.
           If you can't seem to ever post enough, ask for advice or just see how others post. 

-If your thread remains empty for a long period of time, edit it or delete it to keep the forum clean please.

-Please at least reread your post. Spellcheck is nice, but sometimes doesn't occur on the site. So please Smile

I'd like to keep the same account but a new character...

-Yes you can recycle accounts, but your character app has to be moved to Lavender Tower before a champion will enable username editing.

-Yes, it is plausible to change your trainer class with the same character, post the new class app in your app and message an admin to get it approved or you have to get it approved by a Champion, with reasons explaining why and how.
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Basic Rules (Site conduct, Chatbox, Pokemon limitations, Posting, Account Issues)
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