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 Think you got what it takes to become the Elite Four? (Moderators)

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Think you got what it takes to become the Elite Four? (Moderators) Empty
PostSubject: Think you got what it takes to become the Elite Four? (Moderators)   Think you got what it takes to become the Elite Four? (Moderators) EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 7:49 am


You have the responsibilities of settling chatbox issues, if...
-Any fighting occurs, take care of it swiftly by offering ONE warning, and then kicking or banning from the chatbox.
-If something happens, or any questions asked and if I, or another Champion isn't there, it is YOUR job to answer the question or tell where the question can be answered and if you, yourself do not know, pm a Champion.
-Yes this does kind of make you a tattletale and a meanie, which is why the reward is so high.

If there is a questionable post,
-either excessive cussing or highly offensive in nature,
-smutty, sexual content,
-or a thread that hasn't been touched in weeks
It is your job to move it to the basket; "Lavender Tower, Dead Threads" section.

If someone has all 8 badges, you have to accept the challenge and adhere by the same fairness gym leaders have to.
-Please be fair in deciding how the match goes, use the cbox and/or pm system if necessary.
-If you honestly feel they shouldn't win, tell them (and/or me) why you think so. But be willing to compromise.

DO NOT under any circumstances, ABUSE YOUR STATUS. You are just a moderator, people should respect you, not hate you.
-You also do not get to accept applications, start contests without permission by a Champion (Pm if you want to start one), or decides who wins contests (unless you started it), or make any major decisions without the permission of a Champion.

Elite Four Application

Why do you feel you could be a good moderator?:

How often would you be able to come online?:

Which Region would your battle room be?: (Kanto 0/4, Johto 0/4, Hoen 0/4, Sinnoh 0/4, Unova 0/4)

What type would your battle room focus on?:

What does the room look like?: A brief description here.

Annnnnnd once your accepted, you get three free evolutionary passes. (You don't have to use them right away) But please re-submit the apps.
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Think you got what it takes to become the Elite Four? (Moderators)
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