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 Akane of the Red Mane, Nanomi

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PostSubject: Akane of the Red Mane, Nanomi   Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:35 pm

Name: Akane Nanomi

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Hometown: Fortee (Hoen)

Trainer Class: Champion

Looks: Akane is about 5'4 with long red hair that frames her face like a fiery mane, and weighs about 115lbs. She carries herself with serious intent, but has an underlying hint of ditziness.

Personality: Towards other people, Akane is somewhat shy, but very brave and serious. But she also has a very childish and comical air about her, allowing people to generally enjoy her company. Towards her pokemon she is soft and gentle, but when agitated, strong and firm in her beliefs of fairness.

History: Her hometown of Fortree has shaped her view on life to be that of a bit of a nature freak. She tends to hide in trees and feels comfortable when around trees, pokemon, and nature. After she found Silas, people began calling her the "Pokemon Prodigy" but really all it was was the incredible bond between them. Eventually though, anyone as adventurous as Akane had to move on from their lot. She swiftly defeated the gym leader of Fortree and moved on gaining respect, pokemon, and a reputation as the "Red Maned Master." This referred to her long red hair she wore so well, and the mane was because of her lion-like nature. Akane has gone to every region as least once except for Unova and she intends to go soon. She has defeated the Elite Four in Kanto, Hoen, and Sinnoh while also having visited many other locations including the Fiore Region.

But eventually, her sister, had become ill. It was hard to take time off from her journey, but she found the time to visit her sister. By the time she got home, her father said she had gone off, run away, leaving behind a pokeball specifically for Akane. Inside was her sister's Charizard, and from that moment on, Akane's been searching for her elusive sister, just hoping to find her alive. Half of the reason she travels so much, is because she's searching for her sister.

Anything else special?: Speaks mandarin and has an artistic side.

Starter Pokemon Species: Luxray

Pokemon’s name: Silas

Pokemon's gender: Male

Pokemon’s looks: Silas has an unusually feral mane.

Pokemon’s level: 63

Pokemon’s personality: Silas is a very serious pokemon that is extremely loyal to his trainer. Smart and strong, he recognizes his power and isn't afraid to use it when necessary.

Pokemon’s moves: Ice fang (egg move), Discharge, Thunderbolt (TM), Crunch

Pokemon’s history: Akane didn't actually go to a pokemon professor for her first pokemon. She came across a trainer desperately attempting to catch a shinx, but instead of showing it kindness and fairness, the awful trainer had cornered the shinx with all of their pokemon attacking shinx at once. Every pokeball the trainer threw, the shinx resisted, until finally the trainer gave up and ordered their pokemon to finish the poor shinx. Akane tended to the fainted pokemon until it was fully healed. But instead of returning to the wild, the shinx followed her around. Akane was only five and had her first pokemon. When she was ten, her father gave a her a luxury ball for the shinx and he accepted without resistance. They have been together ever since.

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Posts : 30
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PostSubject: Re: Akane of the Red Mane, Nanomi   Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:50 pm

Pokemon Species: Mew

Pokemon’s name: Mew

Pokemon’s looks: Her tail is fluffier than normal.

Pokemon’s level: Unknown, it varies.

Pokemon’s personality: Troll. She likes to tease and hide things often, but she's very powerful yet incredibly humble.

Pokemon’s moves: Transform, Shadow Ball (TM), Psychic (TM), Flamethrower (TM)

Pokemon’s history: Akane and Silas began piecing together the history of the legends. Akane got to the point of becoming a walking encyclopedia for pokemon. But she never could put together the missing link between Arceus and the other pokemon. So Arceus created the universe, what happened to make those other pokemon? How did Arceus even form? Once she was traveling to Faraway Island and ran into a mew, this mew specifically. Akane even promised the mew, she would never take it away from its home. But eventually, even after many trolls by the mew, Akane pieced her idea of the history together, and it was her time to leave and return to her place as Champion. But the mew begged her to stay and eventually agreed to go with her on her journey back.

Pokemon Species: Lucario

Pokemon’s name: Rigaldo

Pokemon’s looks:

Pokemon’s level: 54

Pokemon’s personality: Hotheaded, and a little crazy, this Lucario is essentially psychotic.

Pokemon’s moves: Shadow Ball (TM), Close Combat, Metal Claw (TM), Extremespeed

Pokemon’s history: Rigaldo met Akane as a riolu. Riolu was constantly battling any trainer it came across, even at the cost of losing most of them. Coming across Akane, he again, was brutally beaten down. But Akane took the time to ask the riolu why he was so intent on fighting every pokemon in sight. He answered saying it was because he wanted to evolve. Of course Akane laughed at this, saying that, "You need a friend to evolve silly!" The riolu answered saying that he didn't want the weakness of friends, and Akane replied, "True strength is weakness," as she walked away. Of course, Rigaldo found her later and vowed himself to her.

Pokemon Species: Charizard

Pokemon’s name: Enni

Pokemon’s looks:

Pokemon’s level: 60

Pokemon’s personality: Powerful, and she knows it.

Pokemon’s moves: Flamethrower, Earthquake (TM), Fly (HM), Solarbeam

Pokemon’s history: Enni was Akane's sister's Charizard, but was given to her by her sister before her sister disappeared.
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Akane of the Red Mane, Nanomi
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