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 Dalek Cross

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Dalek Cross

Dalek Cross

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PostSubject: Dalek Cross    Dalek Cross  EmptyFri Mar 15, 2013 5:48 am

Name: Dalek Cross

Age: 24

Gender: He is very much a male.

Hometown: Mossdeep

Trainer Class: Champion


Personality: Dalek is, in a word, arrogant. He thinks himself the best of the best and has no problem flaunting his skills, or looks for that matter, to get his way. He tends to keep himself distant from other people unless he sees fit to have them around, and makes it very clear that any sort of human interaction is going to happen on your time and not his.

When it comes to women Dalek has no fear or concept of personal boundaries. If he wants to eye up a particularly attractive girl, he's going to. If he wants to take said girl home and give her a night to blow her mind? Well, it's a personal favor for her and she should feel privileged.

Perhaps the only time Dalek really lets his guard down is around his Pokemon,

History: A brief, two paragraph or so story of their life so far?

Anything else special?: A language, a talent not spoken about? Etc.

Starter Pokemon Species: This is your pokemons current evolutionary form.

Pokemon’s name: If it doesn’t have a nickname just put the species name here.

Pokemon’s looks: Is there something special about YOUR pokemon? Extra tufts of hair? Bows? Eyelashes?

Pokemon’s level: What's your pokemon's level?

Pokemon’s personality: What's Your pokemon nature; quirks?

Pokemon’s moves: What moves do they have? (balance them with your pokemon's level and evolutionary stage) TMs acceptable just note it as such, and please note egg moves as well.

Pokemon’s history: Since it’s your starter and if it’s been with you for a long time a good sized paragraph should do. If you are just starting out with them, please say how you got it.
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Dalek Cross
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