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 Rare Pokemon? Legendaries? Contests?

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Rare Pokemon? Legendaries? Contests? Empty
PostSubject: Rare Pokemon? Legendaries? Contests?   Rare Pokemon? Legendaries? Contests? EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 3:37 am

With contests come prizes! Prizes can include Pokemon, TMs, Free Evolutionary Passes, Experience Points Boosts, etc. When the contests are advertised, the prize will be mentioned.
Rules for these will be reposted when they come out, but here they are so you can know ahead of time:

Battle Tournaments: A tournament styled round of battles for either single or double battles. The final faceoff between the two people/teams at the end will result in the person/team winning the prize. The battles are chosen at random, and if double battles, it can be random or set depending on the specific rules of that contest.

Pokemon Contests: Same style as the battle tournaments but if two pokemon are sent out from each side at a time, the two pokemon can be from a team of players, OR a single one throwing out two pokemon. Again, it depends on the specific contest.

Rpg skill Faceoff: Inventive, creative writers who can think fast and can write effectively, will faceoff (usually 2-10 players) in a way that the contest dictates. The one that is chosen by the contest holder, or popular vote, will win. HOWEVER, there is a catch; they have to go on and post one last post that depicts them fighting the legendary and it has to be well written, and at least 6 lines long. THIS LAST MESSAGE IS REQUIRED, A LEGENDARY BATTLE FOR A LEGENDARY POKEMON.

Out of Character art Contests: A specific art piece type (Pros, Poetry, Drawings, etc) will be asked for and a vote will go out. The most popular wins the prize.

Roulette: I feel generous sometimes. This is a raffle-like drawing in which members can enter and the contest holder can randomly select an entered member to win the prize.

Only when I confirm you have won, you can go on ahead and submit an app for you new, evolved, or whatever kind of pokemon.
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Rare Pokemon? Legendaries? Contests?
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