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 Gym Leader Applications CANON LIST (copy and paste the part of the app in your character app)

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Applications CANON LIST (copy and paste the part of the app in your character app)   Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:37 am

Okay, so it isn't exactly canon like the games and anime, but it's canon for the site. (You will not be forced into doing anything, always will be asked first for a storyline)


Please be fair in deciding how the match goes, use the cbox and/or pm system if necessary.

If you honestly feel they shouldn't win, tell them (or me) why you think so. Be willing to compromise.

Don't feel guilted into awarding a badge; if they honestly don't deserve the badge, don't award it. (Pm me if there is a problem)
Possibly recommend a different gym? (If it becomes necessary I will develop a gym leader ranking system.)

You can award a badge if it ends up a draw (please make it a well done thread though) and if they truly deserve it.

If they win you have to reward them a badge.

If you apply to be a gym leader, you accept the knowledge you will have to present on the site at least once a week or two (unless a reasonable excuse is given). Otherwise, unless you have a legitimate excuse, your gym will be removed and given to someone else.

AND FINALLY, if somebody challenges your gym, you must accept the challenge.

GYM LEADERS and the rewards of the responsibilities.

Your pokemon can receive a small boost! You can have a free evolutionary pass for ONE of your pokemon. And if you also want to add another level 1 pokemon to your team, feel free to post an app.

Once the position is filled, your gym will appear on the forums in the town's board.
-Please post at least once in your gym so that someone who wants to challenge you can respond to the post, and you will be notified.  


Where is your gym?: What city from the list below?

What type is your gym?: Does your gym have a specific type it uses or uses more of?

What does your gym look like?: Give a brief description of your gym, this will go in the description of your gym.

Annnndddd don't forget to tell me which pokemon if any you are evolving, re-submit an app for it, and tell me if you're adding a new pokemon.

CANON LIST OF GYMS, Please chose a location that's not already taken.

Kanto Gym Leaders:









Johto Gym Leaders:

Cherrygrove City-

Violet City-

Azelea Town-

Goldenrod City-

Ecruteak City-Taken

Mahogany City-

Olivine City-

Cianwood City-

Blackthorn City-
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Gym Leader Applications CANON LIST (copy and paste the part of the app in your character app)
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